Captain’s Blog Stardate 94673.89


It is week 3 in build season and the whole team is bustling:

  • Build: Finishing CAD design of the robot, the drive base, and multiple prototypes 
  •  Business: Revising the budget
  • Accounting: Finalizing a purchasing process flowchart
  • Programming: Working on Robot 10 code
  • Marketing: Calling sponsors
  • Chairman's: Finishing essay
  • Photo/Video: Working on Chairman's video, and finding more footage
  • Comunications/Website: Blogging and testing the website
  • Safety: Reviewing FIRST safety materials, organizing safety binder and planning safety meeting

Upcoming Events

1/30/17-Meeting with OHS principal Mr. Grant to award him a yearbook

2/4/17-State competition for FLL and FTC in the Showear Center in Kent, WA

Joke of the Week

Why should you never play a game with a halophile?

Because they're always salty!