Captain’s Blog Stardate 95399.85

What's Going On?

This next week there is a lot going on, let's engage.

Girls Gen: We made the cutoff so Girls Gen is on! We will meet and compete with other FRC teams on the 28th. All genders and team members welcome! Bring your parents!

Chairman's Kickoff: Chairman's Kickoff is next monday, the 24th. The whole team will discuss and learn about Chaiman's during the meeting. There will be group activities and snacks, so please attend the monday meeting!

We are organizing a relief campaign for those affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Plans will be finalized on monday.

We will be going to Kickoff at St.Martin's University this year! this measn no more 5am wake ups to drive for a couple hours!

Individual Subteams

Spirit team is making tribbles! if you aren't being productive there are tirbble to make! We need to make at least 500 in order indoctrinate the new Superintendent  

Build team is working on a swerve drive, and will be getting ready for Girls Gen next week.

Programming is training new members and practicing Java script.

Remember to sign up for STIM! You will need to make an account for your parents!


Joke of the Week

What did the House of Burgesses say to Richard H. when he proposed independence.

Serious, Lee?