Peak Performance

Last weekend 9 students, Brenda and Mr.Flo went to the Peak Performance in the Seattle area, hosted by Apex robotics. Our team made it to the semi finals where we (5th seed aliance) lost to the 8th seed aliance of Bear Metal, Jack in the Bots and Royal Robotics;1:2. On our aliance was Chill out and Top Gun. While the drive teams were working hard our aliance sat together in the bleachers to drown out the competition with spirit. Even though we didn't win ORF overcame many challenges, inculding a forgotten rope, and lost by a gear in autonomous. Again we lost didn't make it to finals due to little errors. Hopefully this next season we can break the semifinals curse and Power Up.

 Next week we have some exciting things that will be announced in the next Captain's Blog.


Live long and prosper

Co-Captain Llewyn Merrill

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