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What's Going On?

This summer there are several large events for the team. 

Summer Camp 

Here is what the student organizer for the camp Ryn Serrano has to say on the camp.

Every year, students entering 6th through 8th grade attend this camp to gain new skills, like teamwork and engineering, through hands on learning experience. We invite even those with no experience, because we teach them everything they need to know. We hope to spark interest in these students to continue pursuing STEM and robotics.

From June 26th to June 30th, you can find our counselors in the Capital High School commons mentoring these young minds. We start off the week with icebreakers, team building, and a crash course into rules, programming, gearing, and the fun that comes with the camp. With tele-operated NXT robots, these kids design, build, test, and go head to head in this year’s space themed game. We have many activities and games, crafts, and trivia in addition to the main challenge. Anyone can find something fun to do at the ORF summer camp.

The camp is held from 9 AM to 12 PM on Monday to Friday, and the cost is $125. Every camper gets a T-shirt and a great time! If you would like to sign up your child, please contact Brenda Diettrich at



This July during the Lakefair celebration we will be running the anual crepe booth. We need parent volunteers and students to help us cook the delicious crepes and to run the cashier! Even if you can't volunteer for the booth please stop by during lakefair and show your support.

Peak Performance Preperation

Over the summer the drive team will be practicing for the Peak Performance competition hosted by team 5803 Apex. Stay posted for more information over the summer.


Joke of the Week

Three friends are walking together, and two walk into the closest bar. The third one ducks.

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