Captain’s Blog Stardate 94975.68

What's Going On?

Odly enough the Captain's Blog is now written by a team co-captain! On Monday the team elected Peter Barrette and I as he new team captains! Also in the past week the team had its Sponsor thank you even tand team cleebration. The sponsort thank you event was a huge success, with wonderful speeches, awards and, most importantly, cake.

Here's what is in store and what the team is up to now

Build: Working on deconstructing the clone bot, preparing for summer project

Accounting/Marketing/Business: Building a new computer

Programming: Vision tracking

Photo'Video: Yearbook photos (surprise!)


Joke of the Week

How do english major get through Shakesp.

Will Power.

Captain’s Blog Stardate 94953.08

What's Going On?

This week the team is geting ready for the Sponsor thank you event this Friday from 6-7:30 at the Hands on Children's Museum.

Team captaincy elections will be held next Monday due to the busy schedule of this week. The current captaincy applicants are Anakin, Jimmy, Llewyn, Peter, and Sean.

Summer camp planning is on the way, so we will be doing outreach and more planning for that in the coming month.

Accounting/Business: Building a new computer, fixed assests list.

Build: Odd jobs

Photo/Video: Working on the sponsor thank you book.

Programming: Video targeting

Joke of the Week

If H2O  is water, what is holy water?