Captain’s Blog Stardate 94857.07

We are heading towards the PNW championship! 

Due to their skill and hard work we will see the shelton team 5295 Aldernating current there too! Team 5295 were the finalist team at the Auburn competition this past week and they have earned enough ranking points to go to the championship! We wish them lots of luck and hope we are with them or against them in the finals.

In other news this week our team held a very successful pancake breakfast fundraiser on April 1rst, selling 350 tickets and rasing $1,750 ($250 over the goal)! 

Here is what everyone has been up to this week:

Accounting/Business: Ordering a new computer, working on the Fixed Assets sheet,and reviewing total team expenditures

Build: Upgrading the robot and planning what to take to cheney

Drive team: Practicing

Marketing: Contacting sponsors

Photo/Video: compiling pictures and videos about Ellensburg and the year

Programming: Working on autonomous programs

Spirit: Making the tribbles multiply

Joke of the Week

Why wasn't the mold allowed into the mycelia bar? Because although it was a fungi there wasn't mushroom!



Brenda your candleholder that you won at the auction is still at the portable.

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