Captains Blog Stardate 94818.93

All crisis averted! Congratulations team, we are going to districts!!!!!!

A special thanks to the Pit, Drive, and Scouting teams for a terrific performance! This is the best we have done in a competition even if we didn't break the semifinal curse (11 points!).

Also, kudos to team 5295 Aldernating Current for making quarter finals!

Upcoming Events: 

Auction this Wednesday, March 22, 5-8pm. 

Boeing field trip this Thursday, March 23. Group is leaving at 5:15am.

Pancake Breakfast at Applebee's Saturday April 1, 8-10am. Go sell those tickets (They are $10)!. "Pancakes are delicious"-Lily Winter

Districts April 5-9.

Team Projects:

Accounting: Fixed Asset List, researching ways to build a new computer, making a new purchasing form.

Build: Finding ways to decrease robot weight and improving robot functions on the clone bot. Dealing with gear intake problem.

Buisiness: Fundraising

Leadership: Not much recently

Marketing: Talking to more sponsors

Photo/Video: Ellensburg Video

Programming: Keeping up with the robot.

Spirit: Tribble making! And the quest for the lost button faces.

Shopcrew: Not much recently

Joke of the Week:

Why do people never mention the South African Wars? Because they're a Boer!



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