Captains Blog Stardate 94818.93

All crisis averted! Congratulations team, we are going to districts!!!!!!

A special thanks to the Pit, Drive, and Scouting teams for a terrific performance! This is the best we have done in a competition even if we didn't break the semifinal curse (11 points!).

Also, kudos to team 5295 Aldernating Current for making quarter finals!

Upcoming Events: 

Auction this Wednesday, March 22, 5-8pm. 

Boeing field trip this Thursday, March 23. Group is leaving at 5:15am.

Pancake Breakfast at Applebee's Saturday April 1, 8-10am. Go sell those tickets (They are $10)!. "Pancakes are delicious"-Lily Winter

Districts April 5-9.

Team Projects:

Accounting: Fixed Asset List, researching ways to build a new computer, making a new purchasing form.

Build: Finding ways to decrease robot weight and improving robot functions on the clone bot. Dealing with gear intake problem.

Buisiness: Fundraising

Leadership: Not much recently

Marketing: Talking to more sponsors

Photo/Video: Ellensburg Video

Programming: Keeping up with the robot.

Spirit: Tribble making! And the quest for the lost button faces.

Shopcrew: Not much recently

Joke of the Week:

Why do people never mention the South African Wars? Because they're a Boer!



Captain’s Blog Stardate 94776.01

We have beamed down.

Today the full travel team arrived in Auburn and had one crazy day of competition. There were broken ropes, broken bots and a bot that was on fire! At the end of the day we placed 8th, and are ecstatic. All of the subteams who were here did a terriffic job and we are excited for the Day 2! Good luck everybody, keep up the good work!

Joke of the Week

Did you hear about the bad robot on fire puns made by other teams? Auburn!