Captain’s Blog Stardate 94753.06

Status:Yellow Alert

Bag and Tag was a success! We cut it really close this year, but by the end of the day we had tested the robot and created a (rough) gameplan for the six hours. The build team deserves an award for the hard work they put in, with some giving up all of their week and four day weekend to get the robot done. This  upcoming week the travel team will go to the Auburn competition, where we will hopefully bring home a blue banner!

Build: Completing the clone bot for practice.

Accounting/Business/Marketing: Revising Purchasing flowchart, finishing the business plan and getting more sponsors.

Spirit: Making tribbles.

Programming: Making code and keeping up with the robot.

Photo/Video: Making the robot trailer, and finishing the Chairman's video

Joke of the Week

Knock knock

Who's there?


Who who?

You have an owl problem


Engineer’s Log Week 4 Plus Bag and Tag


Today, the gear mechanism was finished, and the team began to mount it to the slider. The drive base was also (finally) finished.

2/14/17 Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Work on Valentine's Day consisted of mounting the vertical walls for the hopper. Also, the pneumatics were worked on.


The rest of the hopper was mounted today, and the final climber was finished.


The climber was mounted today, as well as the ball intake.


Today, the gear mechanism was completed and the electronics were mounted.


The gear mechanism, which was finished yesterday, was mounted today. Also finished today were the pneumatics, which were also mounted.


Today, the pistons for the gear mechanism were mounted, and the robot was sanded to add a cool finish!


The bumpers were finished and installed. All components were tested.

2/21/17 BAG & TAG

The robot was driven to ensure that all functions operated successfully, which they did! The robot was then bagged and tagged.



Captain’s Blog Stardate 94739.49


As we approach Bag and Tag the team has really pulled togehter and everyone is doing their best to make sure the robot gets finished. A special thanks to the shelton team for letting us use some of their pool noodles to complete our bumbers! This Wednesday was the first (hopefully of many) team/parent safety meeting. At the meeting early fundraising for our hopeful trip to Worlds was discussed ("We're going until proven otherwise") Here is what everyone has accomplished.

Accounting/Business/Marketing: Printing the new purchasing process flow chart, getting new sponsors and revising the business plan.

Build: The climbing apparatus and dreve base are complete, and the control panel is about to be constructed.

Media: Interviewed middle-schoolers about FIRST

Programming: Tested code

Spirit: Made buttons and tribbles

Joke of the Week

Knock knock

Who's there?


Woo who?

Are you having a party in there?




Engineer’s Log: Update 3


Snow days resulted in cancelation of school.


Today, gussets and supports were drilled for the hopper. Sprockets were inserted on the gearbox for the PTO (power takeoff). In addition, we added a section of frame on the intake mount to fit the size restrictions.  


Progress on all prototypes was made today, in addition to the welding of the robot frame.


The final shooter prototype building process commenced today. The welding for the inner frame was finished. Our gear mechanism continued to be worked on.


Today, the shooter and the hopper were progressed upon and tested. The final gear mechanism prototype was created, and the bearing blocks for the gear manipulator were started.


The team held a meeting on Sunday because we are behind schedule. Progress included a gear mechanism that is almost completed and a climber tested.


***Sorry! This log was posted late due to our website being hacked! The problems have been fixed now. Sorry for any inconveniences!***

Engineer’s Log: Update 2


We began welding the robot frame today.


The frame was completed.


We began building the gearboxes and prototyped the robot's ball carrier. This carrier has a 48 ball capacity. Furthermore, a frame problem was found. 


We discovered issues relating to the gearboxes. In addition, the we continued working on the hopper; 


We tested the climbing, completed the gearboxes, and foud a solution for the problem with the frame. 


Lots of progress was made in the shop. We fixed the frame after the problem was identified. In addition, we began to mount the gear box onto the robot, and cut the hex rod to the correct lengths. 2×1's were cut out for the inner frame as well as the hopper supports, and the raw materials for the bumpers were obtained, measured, and cut to the dimensions needed.


Today the axels for the wheels were tapped. In addition, the gear box was mounted. We also began baseplate tapping and finally the gear intake wheels were finalized. 


CIMs on the gear box were mounted.The chains for the gearboxes were also installed. Baseplate tapping was finished and supports for the hopper were created. Along with that, a frame for the intake was made. Lastly, the shooter prototype was finalized.



Captain’s Blog Stardate 94709.99

After I two day delay in the snow system and are behind schedule. To make up for lost time we are engaging warp 9! All hands are on deck and if we all work hard we can still make our deadlines. 

The teams have been busy this week and once again everyone is working:

Build: Has made progress and will be finishing up the robot this week.

Programming: Keeping up with the robot

Business: Finishing up the plan

Accounting: Revising the purchasing policy flowchart and working on its part of the business plan

Chairman's: Finishing the presentation to enter it today

Marketing: Working hard on getting more sponsors!

Photo/Video: Working on Chairman's video

On top of the snow delay our food replicators require more molecular components(bring us snacks).

Joke of the Week:

What do you do when work tables are dark? Aluminium.




Engineer’s Log: Update 1


Today, a gear manipulation device was built. The shooting mechanism was tested and was found to be consistent enough to calibrate later. However, it still had issues when dealing with multiple balls. In addition, the drive base was started to be drawn up via CAD. A basic idea for the rope climber was also designed.



We created a second gear manipulator that turned out to be more effective than the previous one. The rope climber was reviewed and found the be effective. Approaching finalization, the CAD drawing was worked on. 



Today, the shooter prototype was modified. In addition, a hopper field element was built. Several members were also checked off on shop tools. And a ball intake was started.


We finished the ball intake today and prototyped an entrance for the gear. To do this, we took measurements of the gear to determine the best and most practical method of picking the gear up. CADing for the drivebase was completed. 



The ball intake was worked on today. Also, several local mentors/guests joined our build team today and discussed design processes. More work was made on CAD.


Today, the drive base frame was finished and holes were drilled in the base. More stuff was CADed.


Today's main task was to disassemble last year's clone robot, which was completed. We decided to leave the electronics attached to the drivebase for another day. More things were CADed.


The electronics that were attached to the drivebase of the previous year's robot were removed today. Another group put bearing blocks on the new drivebase.


Today more members were checked off on shop tools. More work was made on the climbing prototype.